外国人の方へ(For foreigners)Disaster Information


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外国語の災害情報(disaster information to forein langage)

災害・防災に関する情報(Information about the disaster and disaster prevention)

災害時の家族・知人との連絡手段(Way the contact with family and acquaintances in the event of a disaster)

携帯電話各社の災害伝言板サービス Mobile phone company's disaster message board service
NTT西日本 災害用伝言板(web171)利用方法 NTT West Disaster Message Board

災害時の外国人支援に取り組まれる方へ(To the person who is addressed to foreign aid)

災害時に、訪日外国人へのご案内に役立つツール(Useful tools to guide international visitors when a disaster occurs)

(1) 多言語音声翻訳システム(VoiceTra 等)【日・英・中・韓 等 31言語対応】


Multilingual voice translation system(VoiceTra etc.)【Available in 31 languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean】
A voice translation app "VoiceTra", which translates content into a foreign language when you speak to, can be used on a trial basis.

(2)  訪日外国人対応可能な医療機関リスト【日・英・中・韓 等対応】


List of medical institutions which accept international visitors 【Available in 5 languages, Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese, and Korean】
Medical institutions which provide treatment in foreign languishes can be searched by department and language

(3) 医療機関利用ガイドブック 【日・英・中・韓 等 6言語対応】


Guide for when you are feeling ill 【Available in 6 languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese,and Korean】
The guidebook contains how to apply to a medical institution in Japan, finger-point conversation sheets which are useful to convey symptoms, etc.

(4) 外国人旅行者への防災情報アプリ【日・英・中・韓 等 15言語対応】


We introduce a free application that notifies of emergency earthquake early warning, tsunami warning, eruption breaking news, special warning, heat stroke information, national protection information in Japan developed under the supervision of Tourism Agency.
For foreign travelers visiting Japan there are various functions useful during disasters. It is available in 15 languages, English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Nepali, Thai, Khmer, Burmese, Mongolian, and Japanese.

災害への備え(Information about the disaster prevention)

子どもと親の防災ガイドブック "Disaster Preparedness Guide for Children and Parents"(兵庫県国際交流協会)


The "Disaster Preparedness Guide for Children and Parents" describes how to protect you and your family in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or heavy rain.

Contents on the left page are written in easy Japanese, and their translation can be found on the right page. Please confirm evacuation procedures with your family.

Download it here.

外国人のための減災のポイント(Disasters Mitigation Points for Foreign Nationals)


Disasters Mitigation Points for Foreign Nationals in Japan.
See this info in your own language.

宝塚市の防災情報(Information about the disaster prevention from Takarazuka city)

防災マップ(Disaster prevention Map)


In addition to hazard information such as inundated area in Takarazuka city, sediment-related disaster warning area etc., you can check the location of evacuation centers on the map.

安心メール("Anshin"e-Mail Magazine)


It is a service that delivers information relating to disaster prevention in 12 languages (weather, earthquake, flood, evacuation information) by e-mail.
Register from the next external link please.

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